treehousekitchen: mini coffee table book

Take a peek into my relationship with food, love and various kitchens which have nourished me along the way.

Printed in January 2018, this 6″ X 8″ glossy photo book celebrates the journey of my food blog treehousekitchen, the blog in which I journaled about friends, dinner parties, kitchen experiments and winning tickets to Rick Stein’s show.

People who bought this at the time it was released also received a 12-page Christmas letter PDF from me. In it I paid tribute to members of my family and included my recipe for a dish beloved in my husband’s Maori culture, the “boil up”.

There are limited copies of this book available for sale at NZ$29. To order one, please contact me.

What People Say

I received your wonderful photo book and I love it. I love the pictures and the simple text with it. Your photography skills brings the food to life. Your book has inspired me to continue my quest in writing and publishing my book. It has also encouraged me try cooking/baking new recipes.

Shirley M.